Second TISZA River SUB-Basin Level Dialogue in the GoNEXUS Project

Second Tisza River Sub-basin Level Dialogue in the GoNEXUS Project

The 4-year long GoNEXUS Innovative tools and solutions for governing the water-energy-food ecosystems nexus under global change project started on 1st June  2021 and financed by the EU Horizon2020 programme periodically reports its results and consults on them with stakeholders in order to achieve results that can be applied as much as possible in practice.

GoNEXUS conducts research to help rebalance the nexus between water, food, energy and ecosystems. GoNEXUS novel approach combines advanced modelling on global, river basin-level and local scales with a participatory approach, bringing together a broad range of stakeholders from different sectors in the nexus dialogues.

In GoNEXUS there are 8 case studies under elaboration, including one at the global, and one at continental level in the EU as well as 6 case studies at river basin level from which 4 cases are in Europe (one of them is the Danube River Basin Case Study) and 2 in Africa with the aim to eventually develop a framework of modelling tools to demonstrate the viability of solutions for the identified challenges, and serve as a methodological starter kit for future nexus research. More information about the project can be found at: https://gonexus.eu/ .

The first round of nexus dialogues has already been held for each of the case study areas in 2022 and 2023. The Tisza Sub-basin level dialogue was held on 23rd November 2022 as hybrid event, when information was given to the stakeholders (i) about the project in general; (ii) how the GoNEXUS modelling framework can handle nexus issues between ecosystem/biodiversity, energy production (hydropower as well as bioenergy), and economic changes due to climate change with resulting water resource changes; and (iii) challenges identified for the Danube River Basin and Tisza Sub-basin. In the discussion section of the 1st dialogue, stakeholders selected and ranked the most relevant challenges concerning the WEFE nexus for the Tisza Sub-basin that they recommended to include into the modelling tasks.  

The 2nd Dialogue of the Tisza River Sub-basin Case Study held on Thursday 14th March 2024, as a hybrid event, focused to overview the project development since the first dialogue and discuss with the stakeholders the followings: (a) the applicable scenarios (climate and socio-economic); (b) the indicators relevant to the identified challenges and (c) the solutions that the participants of the 2nd dialogue would recommend to consider in the GoNEXUS project as applicable ones to the challenges.

Thu, 14 Mar 2024

Middle Tisza District Water Directorate
Boldog Sándor István körút 4


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